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Browse some of our previous research here:

Basics of Atomic Hot Air Balloons for Planetary Exploration: presentation

Flocks of Mass Produced Propulsion Units as an Interplanetary Mission Cost Saving Technology: presentation

Flocks of Mass Produced Propulsion Units for Interplanetary and Interstellar Mission Cost Reduction: presentation, link

In Defense of External Tanks: paper, presentation, link

Economics of Separated Ascent Stage Launch Vehicles: paper, presentation, link

Curie-Montgolfier Planetary Explorers: link

Launch Vehicle Economics, Worked Examples: presentation

A "Back of the Napkin" Look at Space Launch Vehicle Costs: presentation

Propulsion Economic Considerations for Next Generation Space Launch: paper, presentation, link

Evaluation of an Impulse Gravity Generator Based Beamed Propulsion Concept: link1, link2

RocketCost Estimation Spreadsheet: spreadsheet